The damage is done.. 4 against 2

It’s been three years since I’ve written on this site. There has been so much change in my life. Growth, happiness, babies, loss.. so let’s do a quick intro and update:

I’m Katelyn (Hiii Katelyn). I am a whopping 33 years old, mom of FOUR girls – because apparently three wasn’t enough and God thought he was funny in 2016. I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years now and even when I want to throat punch him, I still kiss him when he comes home and make him dinner and shit.. 😉

I still work in human services and have consistently kept the same group of close girlfriends with the addition of some and natural loss of others over the years. My professional career has grown so much but I’m going to choose to keep that separate since this is more of my Mommy blog. Just know, I’m holding it down.

My girls are ages 10, 7, 4 (going on 25) and 2! Can you believe it? You know, my mom had four kids and I vowed I didn’t want any (Another time God thought he was funny and wanted to humble me). Now, I can’t imagine a day without them. My day to day life is a shit show though, let me tell you. The first two blog posts I did 100% still explain what I go through including little grown ass Ali Cat going to school with cheese products on her face but now she is joined by GG, who has pudding on hers. And yes, even though our most loved YaYa is living it up in heaven, all of the girls nicknames still live on.

The E Girls – Photo taken by Tiffany Mahoney Photography ❤

But these littles are forces to be reckoned with. All I can imagine is the amount of liquor I am going to have to drink when they are teenagers. I’m sure throughout my site I will be posting about random conversations and experiences we have in our crazy household but my two littlest of littles, they are pure entertainment.

I’m going to end this here but just know I plan on using this blog as my therapy lol I have four kids, who can afford an actual therapist? And trust me, you want me to have therapy.. I plan on talking about my day to day life, what works for us/doesn’t, dealing with postpartum depression (PPD) and it turning into full blown anxiety and depression, health, love, marriage and how about the fact that my two year old just stopped breastfeeding last week because she controls me and I’m intimidated by her (I wish I was joking but she is a gangsta) .. literally anything that pops in my overwhelmed brain and needs to come out so I can go to bed at a normal hour. So keep the negativity out, don’t bother with the gossiping if you know me personally and let me remain un-judged. Love, love, love you all!

One Reply to “The damage is done.. 4 against 2”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that you’re doing this and can’t wait to laugh at the ridiculousness that occurs in your life 😅 XoX ♥️


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