Why do raspberries go bad so quickly???

    So that question isn’t a metaphor for anything.. I literally don’t understand! On any typical month I spend an average of $800 on groceries for my family of 6. Now for $800, I expect my fruit to last longer than 6 and 1/2 minutes.. how am I supposed to watch what i’m eating when I feel so much pressure to eat the raspberries before I leave the grocery store parking lot so I don’t waste money??? And then on another note during one of our deep conversations regarding food, one of my best friends informed me that for her family of 5 she spends no more than $300 a month on meals. For real, $300.. imagine how many days I could have someone come out to clean the house or how many Stitch fix orders I could put in! Something has to change.. and I decided that i’m going to start now. 

    I’m starting my own #FreshStart makeover. I’ve been looking at my life and trying to imagine myself through other people’s eyes because they (whoever they are) say that we are our biggest critics and i’m still seeing someone that is disheveled, kind of disorganized, somewhat of a scatterbrain and let’s face it, overweight. I can’t  believe I finally admitted that… I mean come on though I feel like Fat Amy in a leotard on Thanksgiving.

    My 30th birthday is in December and i’m looking forward to a new “ME”. I talk about my birthday like i’m going to bust through a phone booth in a superwoman costume but I genuinely feel like something is different and i’ve always been the type to follow my instinct, which has never steered me wrong. But to get to that new me i need to start making some changes physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. So this is it i’m putting it on the internet which means i’ll never be able to truly delete it (Take notes you obsessive selfie takers) and will be held accountable..  My goals are to:

 Lose 10 lbs before the New Year

Declutter and organize one room in my house a week

Keep my most amazing minivan fruit fly free, which shouldn’t be a problem if I keep buying raspberries 

Have ZERO credit card debt by the New Years

Wake up earlier for some time with Jesus and reflection as often as possible

    If you know me personally then you know that these aren’t the easiest goals for me to achieve and will take some work, but if you know me personally you also know that it’s not easy for me to admit my faults nor is it easy for me to talk about my weight. I’m planning on documenting this #FreshStart challenge on this blog and will of course use IG for photos. Every goal will be documented including exercise/meals and i’m hoping with help from ANYONE, I will be able to hold myself accountable. The whole point to doing this is that through making these changes I will be more confident in myself, have less stress and for my family, I can stop having “mommy moments” when I come home to a mess in my previously cleaned livingroom. So wish me luck people.. I can see some change on the horizon all thanks to a 6oz pack of raspberries. 

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